• Yer Bounda Fara
  • Ali Farka Touré
  • Savane

Improvised Music’s Archives (part 20)

"Yer Bounda Fara" (Ali Farka Touré)

Ali Farka Touré - guitar, vocals.

(From the album “Savane”)

This is from Touré’s final recording session. “Suffering from cancer, he wanted to remain in Mali, so a temporary studio was set up on the top floor of the hotel where he was staying. Touré approved the final master of Savane just weeks before his death in March 2006. He said of the album: “I know this is my best album ever. It has the most power and is the most different.” (From the Wikipedia)

Pure feeling. The lazy, hypnotic groove of the desert. Requested by Sasha ;-)